• Welcome to SD Wardha Province
Education is the basic need of every human being. In this fast paced world where all are racing against time for improving quality of life,   good education is the need of the hour. There are different individual and social group who cater to the educational need of the people. The mushrooming of the schools in the neighbourhoods has made it easy as well as difficult for the parents to choose from. The gullible parents are attracted by the offers and they admit the children in them and the result is we have a group of ‘civilized beasts’ coming out of the schools.  The commercialized education caters only to feed them with the bookish knowledge which does not always bring desired fruit of education that is the whole round development of the people. 
It is here we have to invent ourselves as the heralds of a new way of education that is aimed at the spiritual moral and intellectual growth of the students entering into our institutions. In this endeavor we have the model in Christ himself who was the Teacher who taught with his life and example.  It is he who said that “I have come to give life; life in fullness”. We are called to serve this life.  We are here for serving the life with love, compassion and empathy for it. It is this conviction that leads us onwards in our ministry of education in the province.  The service we render in our four centers bears witness to this fact. All our schools are the best available school in these places. 
As we are a group that is dedicated to the service of life with compassion we do everything possible to make our existence a meaningful one. We always make sure our institutions are truly the places of happy learning.   We are here with a vision of serving life in its manifold manifestations. We wish to empower our students:- 
To search for the truth and serve it with love and compassion
To feel how the oppressed live serve them
To instill and nurture the sense of the divine
To create conviction through education
To imbibe and inculcate virtues
Of honesty, gentleness, peace, compassion and non-violence
To provide conducive atmosphere for intellectual,
Psychological, emotional and spiritual growth
To inaugurate a caring and humane society
To initiate authentic leadership training
And to promote eco-friendly life
We try to fulfill this vision and mission of serving life with COMPASSIONATE LOVE OF CHRIST.
Our Schools
1. St. Joseph’s Convent High School - Adilabad
2. Nirmala English Medium - Nirmalagiri
3. Infant Jesus Convent High School - Reddypalem
4. Jyothi Convent School - Parkal 
We render our service in two diocesan centers
1. Wirur
2. Kankipad