• Welcome to SD Wardha Province
O lord my God, I cried to you, and you healed me (psalm 30:2)
It shall be dawn on us that everyone who is the fruit of the precious blood of Christ whether he or she is poor, sick, weak or sinful needs to be saved and brought to salvation. Healing ministry is the best platform where we can evangelize the world fruitfully which is the primary goal of all our apostolic activities by shedding the light of the gospel values on the paths of life, sufferings and death of the sick. Our founding father, the servant of god Fr.Varghese Payapilly was anointed with a special charism of compassionate love and by internalizing this spirit, he could identify himself with the poor brethren who were in agony.
KRUPADHAM, the Andhra and Maharashtra mission province of SD, takes active participation in the evangelization works with its strong wing of ministry of healing since the beginning.By the grace of God the Almighty, we own two hospitals, one in Andhra Pradesh  another in Maharashtra, and we have a dispensary functioning at Nirmalagiri (AP),and one of our sister nurses rendering their service at a hospital owned by the diocese of Chanda at Chandrapur, Maharashtra where we could live our charism with the spirit of our founder the servant of God Fr.Varghese Payapilly.
Out of 107 members, the number of sisters educated in medical apostolate are 44 and those who are working in the province are 34 and among these, 8 of them are involved in works other than medical. The sisters who are in institutions under Generalate are 10.Number of sisters who are working in institutions not owned by SD are 10. To overcome the difficulty due to shortage of sisters, we have sent sisters for more than one medical training courses. Out of 18 communities of SD Krupadham,6 communities are involved in different forms of medical apostolate. The number of sisters working in two of our hospitals is 14.